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Residential Property Inspections


Because different sized houses require different amounts of time to inspect in detail, there is a range of prices for building reports, with prices starting from $399 (incl GST) for a single level one or two bedroom dwelling.   In general, you should allow approximately an hour for the inspection, however more time may be required based on house size and complexity.

If the house is a fully monolithic-clad dwelling, particularly pre-2005, they undergo more rigorous inspection and checks to ensure there are no areas of concern.  A monolithic-clad home is one which has the likes of texture-coated boards, stucco, or EIFS (plaster over polystyrene).  These types of cladding have been notorious for leaking, but a change in regulations in 2004 saw a change in the way this type of cladding was constructed and attached to the building which has helped.  Having a monolithic-clad home though, does not automatically mean it is a 'leaky home', and getting a quality building report done will help you to feel confident your home is leak-free and structurally sound.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote with the following information: number of bedrooms, number of levels, approx. square metre house size, cladding materials, and whether the inspection is to include any detached garages/outhouses/sleepouts.   We can also arrange meth or asbestos testing to be undertaken (this will be charged from the third-party sampler); or order council property files or LIM report upon request.